Likes icon in the email digest are all out of line (snag)

The digest has icons in it which indicate how many likes and posts there are for popular topics, along with contributors.

In our digest, the likes icon is out of line and this error is the first thing that you spot when looking at the digest. I thought it might be our settings causing this snag - I then looked back at the summary I received from Discourse Meta and it has the same problem:

It looks to me as if the likes icons are all out of line. Would be really nice to fix this snag so that the icons are all in line.

This completely depends on your mail client and how it chooses to render.

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That may be the case (and I agree it’s v frustrating that mail clients do this!), but:

  1. just as web pages should render well in the most popular browsers, an important email format like the digest should render without any serious artefacts in all the most popular email clients. This particular email client is Outlook.

  2. it seems to me to be a problem in the code in this particular part of the email. In other sections of the same email, rendered by the same email client, they are lined up…


Outlook is the worst, so we did our best to make it look acceptable there. Any recommendations are welcome.