Limit amount of links on user card?

Users can set any amount of links on their user card in the “about me” field.

If I understand correctly it now is like this:

Tl0 - links are converted to plain text
Tl 1-2 - links have rel=nofollow
Tl 3-4-staff - links are followed unless this setting is disabled in admin CP

Is this correct?

However, they do create unwanted room for blatant self promotion, with spamming a lot of links in there.

Is there a way to limit the amount of links users can post? Is this related to the amount of links users of certain trust levels may post in the forum itself (it seems not?)

It would be nice if this could be limited in some way or tweaked in the trust level settings.


Limit the space for narcissism? :grin:

Thats one of facebooks biggest success secrets :slightly_smiling_face:

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Right but why is this a problem? User profiles are explicitly not indexed by crawlers (per our robots.txt and the page header directives) anyway.