Newuser max links sitesetting

What is this setting for?

I’ve set it to 0, but a new user can still add urls to a post. like

Upone further debugging, it leads me here. cooked_stripped doesn’t return href urls because it is removed for having .onebox class.

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I believe this setting works, because I know @eviltrout set it to zero recently for a customer. Can you confirm Robin?

That particular (old) setting is not the greatest, and can essentially be considered deprecated unless you want to depend on its behavior. It only applies to TL0, and as you noticed it does not include oneboxes.

There is another setting that is more powerful and probably does what you want, min trust to post links. It allows you to choose the trust level that the links applies to, and it counts oneboxes as links.


Should we remove the old setting?

As flawed as it may be, it is not really replaced by min trust to post links, is it? It makes sense to allow TL0 users to post a few links but not too many…


Yes. It’s only the “same” when set to 0.


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