Onebox prevents new user posting due to too many links

I just tried to post a message with a link to GitHub on a Discourse forum I just joined. And I was told “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

I can put at most 2 links in a post as a new user. This happens also if I put one link—it’s as if links were counted after onebox expansion. This is similar but not identical to the fixed bug Onebox prevents new user posting due to multiple preview images, which was about the image limit — any chance the link limit was forgot?

For reference, the actual post was Merging Scala Maps Efficiently - #3 by Blaisorblade - Question - Scala Users — I was kept from linking to (removing the other link in that post did not help).


I can not repro this anymore @eviltrout was it fixed somehow?

This is me making a test reply

and another link to google for good luck

I am TL0 !!!

and another link to yahoo

This happens if I try to add yet another link.

So it appears all oneboxes are ignored.


Closing, flag to reopen if its an issue.

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