Limit group owners for addition of everyone to their group

currently group owners can add anyone to their group. isn’t it better to keep some limits or some privacy for users?


  1. a setting in the user profile, which limit others from adding him to a group.

  2. or a limit for group owners so that they can only add 100 members manually to the group, and others should either join or apply.

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Possibly, should there be rate limits here @tgxworld?

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I am not sure I would like to have either 1) or 2) …

  1. means we need a bunch of extra UI now that is very very hard to explain. (allow non staff group managers to add me to groups)

  2. means that group manager is no longer really a group manager

I am kind of open to a “max group size” kind of restriction but it seems it would not solve your problem anyway.

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maybe it could be turned into an “invite” system instead of just click button, person is in group?

If you have a pending invite, “request membership” becomes “Join Group”. Sned a notification.


Perhaps a site setting to restrict the number of members that a group owner can add per day?



should a group manager be able to manage users out of the group or inside it? I guess the second is more relevant.

from a user point of view, @riking suggestion makes a better user experience.
it also solves the problem that users don’t understand they are in a group, unless they get some private message.

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I am just uneasy making any changes here, there are already protections in place to ensure that abusive “group managers” can do only so much damage: max users notified per group mention.

I guess the only possible change I am open to here is expanding this setting so max users notified per group mention also applies to PMs to group (if it is not now)

Overall, I am not too enthused about making any kind of changes here.