Limit when TL3s mark topics solved. Is limit configurable?

Our TL3s are helping to clean up our Community by participating in a challenge to mark old topics as solved, when applicable.

They are hitting a limit when they mark 20 topics solved within an hour. Is this limit configurable? I’d like to set it to something higher or disable it during the challenge, but cannot find the setting.


Ahh yeah, this is not configurable for TL3 but it is bypassed for staff.

We could potentially make this a site setting.


Thanks for the quick answer! A site setting would be helpful. We have some very enthusiastic and motivated superusers!

Curious, too, about the intent behind the limit - what misuse/abuse might be anticipated? (So I’m not setting myself up for such issues).

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The general philosophy is that everything should be rate limited, the rationale behind it is explained here.