Limited post edit options - bullet list / poll etc missing

My post editing options are limited (compared to certain other colleagues who have more, including the gear icon). Mine looks like this:

This came to mind as someone could write a bulleted list and someone couldn’t. I cannot!

How can I enable them? Any insight much appreciated!

Do you use a touchscreen device? When I use my tablet, some items on the format bar are hidden. You can find them when you click the gear icon.


Thanks for writing!

I’m not using a touch screen though. I’m using dual monitors from a laptop. And the gear icon does not appear at all : (

Do you see more items here at meta or is the gear missing here too?

Here it’s like this:


So here at Meta, the option to create a list is in the gear menu?

Then the problem seems to be specific to your site. Did you try safe mode?