Limiting Subscription Length

If I add someone manually or use an invitation to bring them into my forum, can I set a limit on how long they have access? ie 3 months and then they would have to get a subscription?

I know I can offer a coupon to interval billing, but I’m trying to keep it a bit simpler than that since they would have to add their cc to use the coupon. Is the coupon a 1 time use per account or does it somehow give them ongoing access?

I would like to “give” them access when they book a consultation package or purchase a digital download, but restrict the duration. And when it expires they would have to move to a paid subscription.

Can you explain this a bit more? How are you managing payment? That doesn’t sound like Discourse terminology.

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didn’t realize there was a special language :slight_smile:

Simply put – if I manually add someone can a limit their access duration?

I have clients that may download a digital product or buy a service from me via my website that I want to grant access to certain sections of my discourse content for a limited time. After that time, I’d want them to move to a paid subscription.

I’m trying to avoid so many “coupons” – and the confusion I anticipate that to cause with different codes to different time periods or different categories.

What I meant by that was that Discourse has no concept of coupons so I wanted more details on where/how you were handling subscriptions.

There isn’t really a way to automate that within Discourse, no. Someone else may have ideas but the best I can think of is to set yourself bookmark reminders to manually remove their permissions to the categories.

Depending on how you’re managing subscriptions via your website, you may have more options there.

Can you create a 3 month paid subscription with a $0 fee that only you can enter?

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Assuming they aren’t using discourse subscriptions, this is the critical information we’re lacking here to assist. Bit of a “help us to help you” type situation…

I think Subscriptions has a free trial option that may be of some use?

Actually, possibly not as that may require card information to set up, which may not be what you’re looking for. :thinking:

I realize the coupon has to do with making payment to stripe - but it’s still a coupon for discourse, isn’t it?

Yes, it does seem to require everyone to enter a card # unless I invite them directly. But by doing that there is not option to set a time limit.

@Stephen – No, they are not buying a discourse description. It’s really simple – they hire me for a consultation package at several hundred of dollars – I’d like to drop them in the discourse content without having to buy another subscription. But I’d like there to be a time limit for free and then they have to pay to stay.

Part 2 – it is still unclear to me if when I offer a coupon code for the monthly subscription can they continue to use that coupon over and over and bypass payment. Or is the coupon code limited to their first use.

So you’re using the discourse subscriptions plugin, rather than an external site?

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I’d have to say yes – that’s what was suggested to me when I began. if there are other options, I’m all for it :slight_smile: I’m in that situation of I don’t know what I don’t know.

Just a small business owner trying to share edu resources with my clients.

I think it would be possible if Discourse Automation had as a script the ability to add/remove from groups. I’m not sure why that hasn’t been added as a thing it can do. This would also solve another recent request where someone wanted members added to group A to also be added to group B. But maybe the reason that groups aren’t a script is that groups are a trigger and preventing loops might be a bit of a bear.


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