Limiting Users to Certain Threads


We use Discourse for our customer community and I was wondering if there is a feature that allows for us to create users who can only see/have access to certain threads.

Example: A new trial customer signs up for our service. We invite them to our community page. Once they arrive at our community page they are only able to see or have access to the “on trial” forums/threads that we have choose for their user type. Is this possible? If not are there any alternative workarounds/solutions we could implement to achieve a similar result?

Thank you ahead of time!

Hey, welcome to Discourse Meta!

The main way to manage permissions in Discourse involves “groups” and “categories”. Basically, you’d create a group for these specific users (e.g. trial_customers), and a category for the topics where you want to limit access (e.g. “Customer Support” or whatever). Then you edit that category’s permissions as needed for those users.

Similarly you can do the inverse e.g. for staff only categories, or ones where only paying customers should have access but not trial customers.

See here for detail on how this works:


Thank you so much! @bts

I do have a follow up question. I feel like I saw this somewhere but can I make a link where if I send the link to the trial customer and they sign up through it they will get a trust level of 0? I have my default set to trust level 1 for paying customers but would like to get pending users to default to trust level 0 if they’re from a trial funnel vs level 1 from a paying account level.

Thanks again!

Do it the other way around. Set default trust level to 0 and increase for those, who payed.