Link to a UNC path

(Dominik Hug) #1


I use Discourse as a Intranet Forum.
Now I try to make a Hyperlink to a file on a servershare (\\server.domain.local\share\file.txt).

When I create a link to a UNC path, it appears, but it does not work. When I click on the link nothing happens.

Thats the code I try in Discourse:
[My File] (file://///server.domain.local/share/file.txt)

Is there a way to create a Hyperlink to a UNC Path? Or is it generally not supported?

(David Taylor) #2

Have you added “file” to the allowed href schemes site setting?

(Dominik Hug) #3

Hi David

That does the trick :grinning::thumbsup:

Thank you!

(Jelle Feringa) #4

It looks like the updated markdown renderer won’t convert file:// paths properly ( discourse 1.9.5 )