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I use Discourse as a Intranet Forum.
Now I try to make a Hyperlink to a file on a servershare (\\server.domain.local\share\file.txt).

When I create a link to a UNC path, it appears, but it does not work. When I click on the link nothing happens.

Thats the code I try in Discourse:
[My File] (file://///server.domain.local/share/file.txt)

Is there a way to create a Hyperlink to a UNC Path? Or is it generally not supported?

Have you added “file” to the allowed href schemes site setting?


Hi David

That does the trick :grinning::thumbsup:

Thank you!


It looks like the updated markdown renderer won’t convert file:// paths properly ( discourse 1.9.5 )

I have added file to “allowed href schemes” but when I create a hyperlink using a file:// url, Discourse will post it with https instead of file.
Then when changing the https back to “file” it’s still opening a https link when clicking on it.

Is the “file” scheme supported in Discourse(I’m in v2.2.0.beta2 +5)?

@jomaxro can you verify we didn’t regress on href scheme support?

Can confirm that we did not regress completely, adding ftp or steam works. I cannot get file to work, however, though that could just mean I’m doing something wrong. Never used the file href scheme before.


Why are there an unusual number of forward slashes in there? Shouldn’t it be the same pattern for all schemes?


No clue. As mentioned, I’ve never seen the file href before. I used 3 for my screenshot as that’s what I saw over on SO: html - href="file://" doesn't work - Stack Overflow. In any case, I tried 1 (just in case), 2 (normal), 3 (SO answer), 4, & 5 (example in OP) slashes, none worked.

Is there any update on this issue? I run in the same problem using latest version. File is not working as expected.

Hi, I’m trying to use local links to PDF documents on local shared network device. I run Discourse locally as a documentation tool. I have tried to add “file” in the href settings, but cannot get a working local link. Is there any way around this? Is this broken or am I doing it wrong?

We should check this again @jomaxro

Updated my sandbox to 2.3.0.beta1, still not able to get file to work. Re-confirmed other custom href schemes do still work.

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It’s weird… <a href="file://myfile">link</a> works, but [link](file://myfile) does not. But both options work for other custom schemes as @jomaxro said :thinking:

Maybe something in the commonmark link internals is stripping out file:// specifically. A quick search doesn’t reveal anything obvious in the discourse codebase.

@user2 the workaround for now is to use the HTML syntax for your link

<a href="file://myfile">link</a>

Edit: even with that, we still have an issue with file:// protocols. It is very common for file paths to start with a / (signifying the root of the filesystem), so the link looks like file:///myfile. Our sanitizer doesn’t like the three slashes at the beginning, and treats the link as invalid.


Does this only apply for *NIX paths?


Opened a file in browser and I see file:///K:/file...., same on windows. But <a href="file://myfile">link</a> does not work either. Maybe it works on *nix based system but not on windows paths?


<a href="file://C:/test.log">test</a>


domain.tld/clicks/track?url=file%3A%2F%2FC%3A%2Ftest.log&amp;post_id=1103&amp;topic_id=345 ERR_UNSAFE_REDIRECT

Any news on this? :worried:

I’m still banging my head against the wall here.
Anyone got a clue of how to fix this? :confused:

Since Chrome 76 (July 2019), it looks like file:// links are now totally blocked: Restrictions on File Urls – text/plain

So, I don’t think there’s anything Discourse can do about this - it’s a browser security restriction.


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