Link to find all deleted posts by all users in a particular period

  1. Is there a way to find all the deleted posts for all users in a particular period (in a day may be)?

Discourse gives so much, that one, like me, tends to think that if, a person like me can think of a feature, it’d be already have thought of by its developers. So either it’d already present there in it. Or it’d negatively impact discourse usage and so would never be implemented. I don’t know which category this feature (of finding all deleted posts) falls in!!

  1. On similar lines, is there a link which could be clicked to find any particular user’s deleted posts? Or do we need to necessarily type in the url manually /u/username/deleted-posts
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This sounds useful.

When there is a user who chronically abuses the post deletion feature, maybe there should be a way to require moderator approval for the deletion (after the 1st 30 minutes) and leave the posting visible. But JUST for the abusers of the system.

Try /?status=deleted


Yeah it worked.
Thanks very much.

But, if there’s some direct link to be clicked, rather than remembering this url, it’d be more great!!! :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen people bookmark this link or add it in the nav bar or somewhere they prefer using theme components like: Custom Header Links - theme - Discourse Meta or Custom top navigation links - theme - Discourse Meta. One can also create their own theme component too!

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