Link to Group Inbox for Staff

We’ll be using a group Inbox for support. What’s a good place/method to show a link to the Group Inbox that will be visible to Staff?

The group inbox will be listed on the messages menu for everyone in the group. Also they will get notifications assuming they are watching or tracking the group inbox. What more did you have in mind?

Thanks. I’m new to this. My Support group shows up under Archive. Is that what you mean, or should I be doing something differently?


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Yes. This is exactly what I mean. This is where you go to check for support messages that you need to follow up on.

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Thanks. I think I was thrown because icons cause the names “Assigned” and “Support” to be indented which makes them look like subcategories of Archive (i.e. these are Assigned topics which have been archived)

I wonder if it would be possible to add an icon in front of Sent so Assigned and Support would appear to be on an equal footing. (I’m assuming the Archive under Sent would move over just like the one under Support).

It would also be nice if the sent, assigned, and group icons were all the same width.