Linking to a topic containing uploaded images looks awful

Hi everyone,

When quoting / linking to a topic which contains a bunch of uploaded images I’ll be blunt here and say, it looks awful :see_no_evil:

(sorry, you know I love you guys!)


I’m not sure what the solution is but two suggestions spring to mind.

Suggestion one: A better user experience would be to either skip/ignore uploaded images completely, thereby providing a cleaner “preview”.

Suggestion two: Thumbnail the images so something more meaningful is displayed in the preview.

Open to more suggestions of course :blush:


OK let’s try this. Here are some images.

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I pressed the “full quote” button and got the above. I can’t repro @Richie?


Do you think the images mentioned in the excerpt should be completely removed (would be a bit confusing in my example, with an “eg:” followed by… Nothing), like the excerpt shown outside Discourse? Here an example on Discord:

Or replaced by something shorter and more readable like [image]?

Do you think the behavior should be different in an excerpt that contains a lot of images (like your example), and one that doesn’t (like my example)?

But I like the idea of having tiny, inline thumbnails embedded in the excerpt with linking a topic on Discourse though., and like you, I don’t really like previews of messages with a bunch of [unclear_image_link] [unclear_image_link] [unclear_image_link] [unclear_image_link]
in the preview.

I name mine so they look okay/are useable in the Search and onebox links:

A good habit I guess!
Most people don’t bother and just upload a bunch of pictures with non-user-friendly file names of their vacation through their smartphone though :smile:
They won’t even know how to change the display text.

This is very true. :slightly_smiling_face: It would be good if there was a way to target ‘nonsense’ image names from ‘intended’, as I find it quite a useful trick.

Oh wait, he’s referring to a link to the post from a different topic? My bad, I misread.

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Sorry Jeff @codinghorror I should have been clearer. Yes, exactly that :+1:t2:

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