Links on a line by themselves always Onebox in chat (unlike in posts)

I’ve just noticed that when you post a link in chat, it behaves inconsistently with the behaviour in posts. This is less than ideal.

Specifically, you can’t turn off the tendency of a link to make a Onebox without a little keyboard gymnastics.

In a normal post, a simple space in front of a link prevents Onebox’ing:

In chat

You must either make the link inline or wrap it as a markdown (or HTML) link manually


On a note about this, wrapping a link as if it were a html element prevents oneboxing in both posts and chat, though the outer <>s only vanish in chat:



I use this trick all the time and never noticed it doesn’t work the same without the protocol… but it does with it:



That must be the difference, because I never remember the thing failing normally. (But I always paste in full links when I use it)