Links to admin private messages

This must be obvious but somehow I’m missing it. My forum is configured to only permit private messages initiated by admin and then responded to by users. Where can users view these private message threads that they’ve been involved with? Where can admin see all of their own initiated private message threads? Thanks.

When the enable personal messages site setting is disabled, regular users and admins can both find their PMs in their notification list. Recent notifications can be seen by clicking on your avatar on site’s header. To view older notifications, go to your preferences page and click on the Notifications tab.

PM notifications will always have an :email: icon displayed before the PMs title. Unread notifications will be highlighted with the site’s tertiary color.


Great, thanks very much!

Looking at this again, it appears that it works for the admin if there has been a reply to the message – in which case it appears in notifications as described above. But if there has not been a reply, there doesn’t seem to be any way to access an earlier sent message in this situation, either to inspect it or edit it. Is there another method? Thanks.