Links without a valid target still render

Hello guys!
I have find something
You can bypass the black text with url feature

You can color your text like this with the url feature

You can [color your text]() like this with the url feature

For information.
Have a nice day!

Maybe not a bug after all. The CommonMark Spec says:

Both the title and the destination may be omitted


Its allowed to use this to change color text, in a community?

What’s allowed will depend on the community.

But since it’s a exploit of some sort it can trigger a punishment in some boards.

If your community wants colored text there’s a plugin for that.

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Do you really want to trick people into thinking text is a link when it is not?


This is not a bug, and as a feature request I am declining it. The spec says it should be a hyperlink, no reason not to make it a hyperlink.

I feel that if people are abusing this, they should be handled by site moderators.