List with Active Users cannot be loaded


I have a problem with the list of active users. The active user list cannot be loaded, the loading wheel rotates endlessly.

Step to reproduce:

  1. Open the home page (/)
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner next to the avatar
  3. Select “Admin” (/admin)
  4. Select “Users” (/admin/users/list/active)
  5. Now the rotating loading animation appears. But the list is not loaded.

Important: The problem only occurs if I go the way described above. If I call the URL directly (/admin/users/list/active), the problem does not occur.

In the Chromium Developer Tools I see the following Javascript Error after step 3:



Make sure the bug isn’t already resolved. Search for similar issues in the bug category

Have searched and found no bug which could fit.

Make sure you can reproduce your problem on the default sandbox at

Unfortunately this is not possible because I do not have admin rights on the sandbox installation.


  • Version: 2.5.0 (c33847b30d)
  • Installed from

Kind regards

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Version 2.6.0.beta1 is out and available. Can i suggest making a backup and then proceed to upgrade your version and see if that solves the issue ?

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What is the list of plugins you have installed?


Version 2.6.0.beta1

So am I right in assuming that you are not experiencing the same problem?
I will test 2.6.0.beta1 and then report again.

What is the list of plugins you have installed?

According to /admin/plugins only one plugin:

  • docker_manager, 0.1, enabled: yes

Can you rebuild from the console?

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Hi Sam

We have rebuilt the container in the course of a migration. The version is still the same, but now it works! So we can close this thread. Thanks four your help.