Live notifications after do not disturb

Does that mean live notifications (should) work again after the do not disturb time is over?


What are “live notifications” in this context? Android PWA?

“Do Not Disturb” mode should toggle notifications in all contexts, me thinks.

@Moin this seems like something you can test, so is there a concern you haven’t shared with us? :slight_smile:

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Yes. Somehow they always got disabled on my phone (Android, not PWA) after DND was enabled. Because I did not try on another device, I thought maybe I understood DND wrong or missed a setting. But after trying on my computer, I now know they should not be disabled by DND. But I could also replicate the problem with my computer using mobile view.
Here are the steps to reproduce

  • Switch to mobile view by adding ?mobile_view=1 (not in the screen cast, but you can see mobile view is used)
  • Enable live notifications and save,
  • reload the page,
  • activate the do not disturb mode,
  • reload the page again.
  • Now Live notifications are shown as disabled (That is different using desktop-mode)
  • Then I deactivate the disturb mode, reload the page and view the preferences.
  • Now live notifications are still disabled.

Record on windows using mobile view.
As soon as I enable the notifications using desktop mode, they are not disabled by the do not disturb mode, although I then used mobile-view again. But notifications get disabled when I activate them in mobile view and enter DND in desktop-view.
So something must be different, when you activate notifications using mobile view. I also noticed the notification looks different

I was too lazy to try whether notifications work or not. I just had a look at the setting. But I first noticed notifications did not work before noticing they got disabled, so I think this is related

Does anyone have an idea how I can use DND and push notifications on mobile without enabling them every day?