Loading gets stuck after navigating back from external link

There seems to be a problem when navigating back into Discourse from an external link.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click an external link (here’s one).
  2. Navigate back in your browser.

On Chrome on my desktop (Version 48.0.2564.82 m (64-bit)), this works fine. Discourse takes a second to load, and I end up on the topic page. In Safari on iOS (9.2.1), however, thinks work differently: Discourse loads surprisingly quickly, and shows the loading spinner. Sometimes, this completes quickly and you see the topic; but most of the time, you get stuck on the spinner until you reload the page. If it works, reloading and trying again seems to reproduce it most of the time. Seems like Safari is a special snowflake here :frowning:


Yes I repro this all the time on BBS. I don’t know that I have ever seen it outside Mobile Safari though.

@eviltrout can you have a look? Trivially reproducible on iPad when visiting external links and then going back.

Desktop Safari also does the same.

+1 on Desktop Safari - also seems to be happening more frequently on my site. As in it used to happen now and then and its happening most of the time now.

Does this happen on meta now with the new rendering scheme for topics?

It’s real easy to test

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Doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. I assume the virtual DOM stuff fixed it?

I tested on iPad and Safari browser.

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I cannot reproduce it anymore. Also, swiping back is more awesome now, as there is no (noticeable) reload anymore :smile:

Awesome work, @eviltrout! :tada: