Loading logo on categories even when the page has loaded

Hello :purple_heart:

On this discourse forum that we’re self-hosting - https://forum.commown.coop/ -, whenever we try to get into a category when logged off, the page seemingly loads forever;

However, when, for instance, you open the log-in prompt, the categories are visually loaded, so has anyone encountered this bug and/or has a solution ?

I’ve monitored the http messages whenever you’re logged on/off, and the GET request for the categories is successful in both sides, so it really is a visual bug :confused:

ty in advance !

Hi Honeyxilia :slight_smile:

I tried to repro but I don’t see any visual oddity:

Am I missing something?

hello !
it seems that it’s working for you indeed - however, i also notice that you may be on Chrome or a chromium based browser, whereas the bug we encountered was on firefox :confused:

I don’t encounter the issue on Firefox as well. Did you try on another browser/device?