Local user registration

my Discourse has two types of users:

  1. Collegues authorized using the LDAP of my company
  2. External consultants logged with their personal email

I would like to approve the external account before it can post/see the forum.

Is it possible?


There is this setting “must approve users”, but I think it will conflict with your LDAP login.

Sounds like what you need is a feature request where you can white list users with specific email domains and all others would require approval.

My solution.
I created a group “userOK” and users with LDAP are added automatically (it is based on domain name)

The other users must send me an email (forum rule) and I will add them to userOK group.

All categories are restricted to userOK group


Doesn’t this already exist? Look for the email domains whitelist site setting.

It does not bounce to approval though.

Yes but no one else will even be able to register. He still wants registration for non white listed domains but requiring approval

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