Location based filter?

Would it be possible to implement a default filter on the top bar? I noticed that a number of feature requests and queries were in relation to location based filtering of their users. I don’t believe this can be achieved with Sub-Categories or Tags as it could very quickly get out of hand for an extremely popular worldwide forum. For example if want to view posts within a State I would want all posts ‘tagged’ with Cities that are within that State to be encapsulated within that filter. The same too for the States in Country.

This default filter could be populated with location based filtering, tags and perhaps some other things. I understand that this would require a bit of work and unfortunately I am no ruby programmer. However I am a designer and am happy to work hard to see this feature brought to life.

Please tell me any thoughts there is in regards to this. If this is a definite possibility I will do some mockups as soon as I can.

This implies tag hierarchy which we don’t have, and don’t plan to have…

But if you tag by specific area, it could work for those tags.

Sounds like http://postgis.net/ would be useful for this.

Perhaps I should have used another word other than ‘tagged’. I was basically referring to some kind of spatial attachment to the post, which would enable people to use a filter to create a more localised perspective of the world. This would obviously default to a global view and post. When in a localised view then the post would be defaulted to a localised post.

I have two projects which this would have tremendous value for.

  1. A worldwide legal firm which could use Discourse for internal discussions.
  2. A worldwide business networking group for a rapidly growing industry

Both projects have rules / regulations / laws which are specific to the hierarchy of government within their regions. The people would want to discuss certain nuances specific to their regions and if this is extremely popular then it would create a lot of noise on the homepage.

So this is the king of thing I had in mind. Just quickly mocked this up so I can communicate better. I added the ability to have multiple filters and tags to be thorough. My wish is purely to have the ability to filter by location and I don’t care if it was just one filter without the ability to filter by tags. I have just added these to show the possible future capabilities this feature could provide. I also forgot to add [ range OR distance ] in the personal filter page. Which could be used to search a certain distance around a specific location or place. I also forgot to add in a small checkbox which could be added to the search functionality to use the filter while doing a global search…

I think this would be great as it would provide a way for people to filter out noise on the homepage or within the categories. Showing only posts relevant to their region and/or interests.

I’ve looked at the Mobile View and note that showing the “Filter: On” would not work as easily as the Desktop View. I am quite happy to continue doing designs based on ideas, feedback in relation to how we could implement something like this. I realise this would be a lot of work on the coding front.


Have you Achieved this? I’m also looking for it.
I want Localise feature just like grocery delivery sites. when user visit site first user have to select location or give location access. and then user can see local stores.
in our case there should be Topic/post by location at least by city

and also there should default city means no need to change every login

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