Locations Plugin

Yes it is, it’s waiting on review.

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2,003 on our map now Robert @merefield, no performance issues to report :bowing_man:t2:



Lagging in numbers behind @Richie (1634), but compensating with worldly exposure. :smiley:


Those 2 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean look like they are living the life! :desert_island:

which geolocation providers are you each using?

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Both are on Oahu, Hawaii. :desert_island:



Nominatim here too :+1:t2:


@Roi this is merged:

Not sure this ever worked as intended, looks like it only showed for the account viewing the Posts and only to them, so great find, thanks for your patience!

@merefield thank you for the information. And already running here and it looks good on first sight. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: I am glad that I can also help by reporting stuff. Thank you again!

Next to this, and still not able to code myself, I have another idea/feature request. :grin:

The usermap plugin I was using for the old phpBB board where I was coming from to Discourse, had a nice feature: Every user was able to see the distance to other users - if both users entered their location. That would be a great addition. And maybe also showing the distance to locations in topic posts.

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I’m afraid we are very busy atm, but PR or funding welcome!

There is a heap of ways this could be useful; for my lot, having a list of all those within X distance from a certain point or all those in a certain region would be really helpful for promoting local events.

There seems to be a bug that was introduced recently. When I have this plugin enabled and go to a user’s profile, it’s blank. Disable the plugin, and it comes back.

I think that was fixed recently:

There is still a bit of a glitch with duplication of the Website field though:

Thanks Nathan, unfortunately, I’m on latest, and this is still happening, is it not for anyone else? Could be a conflict with another plugin.

Hmmm … cannot reproduce either of these issues so far.

I noticed something, maybe it is also PEBCAK (as I did not find an option to disable this :wink: ).

If you take a look here you can see some topics with locations, here an example:


The mouse is where the title ends and the location begins. Does not look great.

Here’s an example when also an event is involved (I already put an 0.25em margin between the event box and the location text):


Is it possible to disable the location text in the topic list?

Nevertheless the layout should look a bit different. Some kind of separation, maybe a bit smaller text or even showing the location text in the next line under the topic title with a bit smaller text (maybe like the tags).

Cannot reproduce both issues here, too.