Locations Plugin

(Jeff Vienneau) #325

Looking closer, it looks to be low memory in redis.

Tried to capture more but my “| tee to_file” did not work as expected.


Stopping old container
cd /pups && git pull && /pups/bin/pups --stdin
Already up-to-date.
.-__ ''-._ _.- .. ‘’-._ Redis 3.0.6 (00000000/0) 64 bit
.-.-```. ```\/ _.,_ ''-._ ( ' , .-` | `, ) Running in standalone mode |`-._`-...-` __...-.-.|’_.-'| Port: 6379 |-. ._ / _.-' | PID: 185-._ -._-./ .-’ .-’
-.__.-' _.-'_.-'| |-.
-._ _.-'_.-' | http://redis.io-._ -._-..-’.-’ .-’
-.__.-' _.-'_.-'| |-.
-._ _.-'_.-' |-._ -._-.
.-’_.-’ _.-’
-._-..-’ _.-’
-._ _.-'-.

185:M 18 Dec 18:45:51.146 # WARNING: The TCP backlog setting of 511 cannot be enforced because /proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn is set to the lower value of 128.
185:M 18 Dec 18:45:51.146 # Server started, Redis version 3.0.6
185:M 18 Dec 18:45:51.146 # WARNING overcommit_memory is set to 0! Background save may fail under low memory condition. To fix this issue add ‘vm.overcommit_memory = 1’ to /etc/sysctl.conf and then reboot or run the command ‘sysctl vm.overcommit_memory=1’ for this to take effect.
185:M 18 Dec 18:45:51.146 # WARNING you have Transparent Huge Pages (THP) support enabled in your kernel. This will create latency and memory usage issues with Redis. To fix this issue run the command ‘echo never > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled’ as root, and add it to your /etc/rc.local in order to retain the setting after a reboot. Redis must be restarted after THP is disabled.
185:M 18 Dec 18:45:51.301 * DB loaded from disk: 0.155 seconds
185:M 18 Dec 18:45:51.301 * The server is now ready to accept connections on port 6379
228:M 18 Dec 18:46:01.439 # Creating Server TCP listening socket *:6379: bind: Address already in use
185:signal-handler (1545158905) Received SIGTERM scheduling shutdown…
185:M 18 Dec 18:48:25.983 # User requested shutdown…
185:M 18 Dec 18:48:25.983 * Saving the final RDB snapshot before exiting.
185:M 18 Dec 18:48:26.180 * DB saved on disk
185:M 18 Dec 18:48:26.181 # Redis is now ready to exit, bye bye…


Pups::ExecError: cd /var/www/discourse && su discourse -c ‘bundle exec rake db:migrate’ failed with return #<Process::Status: pid 13087 exit 1>
Location of failure: /pups/lib/pups/exec_command.rb:112:in `spawn’
exec failed with the params {“cd”=>"$home", “hook”=>“bundle_exec”, “cmd”=>[“su discourse -c ‘bundle install --deployment --verbose --without test --without development --retry 3 --jobs 4’”, “su discourse -c ‘bundle exec rake db:migrate’”, “su discourse -c ‘bundle exec rake assets:precompile’”]}
** FAILED TO BOOTSTRAP ** please scroll up and look for earlier error messages, there may be more than one

My server has 3GB ram and is running at 59% utilized.

(James Mc Mahon) #326

I really like this plugin, the ability to see topics by location is pretty useful. We’re looking for ways for our community members to connect with each other in their locale. Actually the community is looking for it…

Is it possible to integrate the location at the user profile level?

Find users near you
Allow users to set a default location for their posts

(Richie Rich) #327

@angus Happy New Year mate :smiley:

Can I throw another feature request in to the mix?

Any chance we could add User Map in to this ‘Top Menu’ list? :thinking:

As you know, we love the User Map more than anything - this would be a great addition :+1:t2:

(Tommy Trojan) #328

same here, upgrade and rebuild failed. @angus

I tried it on a brand new instance and tried this as the first plugin.

looks like it is broken in the latest version

(Angus McLeod) #329

Thanks, I’ll fix it tomorrow.

(Angus McLeod) #330

@Jeff_Vienneau @Tommy_Trojan Guys, I just rebuilt discourse.angusmcleod.com.au which has the locations plugin (and most of my other plugins) running on a $5 DO droplet. It rebuilt fine with the latest version of Discourse and this plugin. Could you double check everything is up to date?

(Tommy Trojan) #331

Hi Angus, It works now. Thank you. I upgrade from V2.2.0.beta7 +49 to +76, then rebuild first time, it gives the same error message, after a second rebuild, it works. Interesting, but great it works again.

(Richie Rich) #332

We just went from v2.2.0.beta6 +5 to v2.2.0.beta7 +83

No issues to report :+1:t2:

(James Mc Mahon) #333

Thanks for much for this plugin. It works nicely.

(Robert Lauriston) #334

This plugin is not available in hosted instances, is that correct?

(Angus McLeod) #335

If you mean discourse.org hosted instances, I think it’d only be possible if you were an enterprise customer. But you’d have to check with the Discourse team.

(xiasummer) #336

In the category “Map”

Why I can see some locations pointed by some posts, while some other locations are not marked on the map?

Some are there, some are not.

(Richie Rich) #337

Anyone having issues with the Locations plugin on Discourse 2.2.0beta9+51 ?

We’re getting no suggestions:


Also unable to Save any profile changes :scream:

(Richie Rich) #338

FYI, only upgraded to the latest Locations plugin this morning too…


Strangely, when adding a location to a Topic, it works:

(Richie Rich) #339

Confirmed, if I disable the latest Locations plugin, the users can save their profiles correctly :confused:

(Angus McLeod) #340

@Richie I’m on it. Should be fixed by tomorrow morning.

(Richie Rich) #341

Excellent news, thanks @angus mate :smiley:

(Angus McLeod) #342

@Richie I’ve reverted the changes that were causing the issue for now. Upgrade in /admin/upgrade to pick up the reversion.

@hellekin I’ve had to revert the custom wizard updates temporarily while I figure out a strange issue causing problems in production with this work.

(Richie Rich) #343

Thanks @angus - updated/reverted this morning, confirmed the Locations work once again and we can save user profiles once more!


(Keven Naphtali) #344

Any further thoughts on why GPS locations are slightly offset?