Locations Plugin

(Richie Rich) #345

I see a few updates on GitHub yesterday and today @angus but I didn’t fully understand what it was telling me.

Can you shed any light before I update? (planned for tomorrow morning)

(Angus McLeod) #346

I haven’t been able to figure that one out yet unfortunately. I’m hoping to take another look soon.

I always deploy the latest to my sandbox, so for your own piece of mind, and to help me out, your best bet would be to do a smoke test there, i.e. check locations category map is working, try posting a new topic with a location, try changing your location on your profile etc.

(Richie Rich) #347

@angus is it possible to reverse the Long / Lat here?

To be Lat / Lng?

(rather than lng/lat)

Not sure if this is native to AUS? But here in the UK we always write Latitude, then Longitude :blush:

(Patrick Rien) #348

@angus another awesome plugin, thx!

I live in Puerto Rico and many addresses here are inaccurate. Lat/long causes confusion, so some are starting to use what3words. How difficult would it be to add what3words as a “location geocoding provider” and then add additional “location input fields” for the three word inputs?


(Richie Rich) #349

Do what3words charge for their reverse-lookup API usage?


I would expect longitude first not to bother the brits since 0 starts at Greenwich. :slight_smile: Starting with latitude must be a remnant of colonization (“Northing first”). But since latlon is the commonly expected order, I guess that’s a fair demand – since only mathematicians use x, y coordinates. :wink:

And more importantly, will the service be available in 10 years. I think replacing latlon coordinates with easy-to-remember “words” is an interesting concept, but why would those words be only available commercially instead of as a universal service, and why would those words be English words? fight.offer.airbag sounds irrelevant to Gare du Midi in Brussels. buka.tiko.molo would be as useful.

(Destry Hunt) #351

I have read through this thread and cannot find any conversation about adding a location to a topic after-the-fact. There is probably a solution that is already intuitive to everyone else, but I am a bit of a newbie. I am running my discourse on a DO droplet. I am fairly certain I checked all the right boxes in Admin settings, and the option to add a location appears when I want to add a new topic. However, as admin I am unable to figure out how to edit a topic where the location was not added. Any advice?

(Richie Rich) #352

You can edit the first post, and click “Add Location”:

(Destry Hunt) #353

Ahhhhh, brilliant. Thank you! I was embarrassed to ask because I figured it was something straightforward, but I am glad I asked. Thanks again.

(Destry Hunt) #354

I have another question that everyone else probably knows the answer to, haha. How do I know if I have the most up-to-date Locations plugin? As you can see in the attached screenshot, it would appear that I have version “.1” of the plugin.

I ask this question because upon reading this plugin’s thread, it would seem that I am missing the fields where one could input the latitude and longitude, assuming they have that handy and would prefer to enter lat/long instead of an address.

Any thoughts?

(Tobias Eigen) #355

Interesting - the events plugin works the same way. I often get confused because I very often use the pencil next to the topic title to make quick edits and it seems intuitive to look for way to edit location and event details there. @angus I’ve mentioned this before… is this a reasonably easy fix for you to make in your plugins? I know the tickets plugin already works via the pencil next to the title.

(Richie Rich) #356

Go to:


You’ll see a list of everything that has updates available for it, and a button to Upgrade that plugin:

(Destry Hunt) #357

That is terrific. Thank you very much. I don’t know why I could not find that page in my admin area. Thanks again.

(Richie Rich) #358

There is no link to the /upgrade/ page on the admin console for some reason :man_shrugging:

Glad you’re sorted though :+1:t2:

(Andreas Dorfer) #359

Is there a way to generate/download gpx files of one/multiple (marked) locations, eg. by clicking on them on the map?

(Keven Naphtali) #360

I agree that latitude should precede longitude.

(Destry Hunt) #361

Hello, I just thought I would mention that this plugin seems to not like the “discourse-solved” plugin after the latest Discourse release. Below is a link to the thread that brought me to this point:

(Richie Rich) #362

Interesting, I upgraded to v2.3.0.beta5 +9 and didn’t come across any issues.

Maybe I just got lucky?

Hopefully @angus will be on the case :+1:t2:

(Destry Hunt) #363

I just checked out the service (what3words), and I really want to figure out how to integrate it. I live in the U.S., and w3w seems useful since the majority of the population struggles to explain or understand any address not their own.

(Angus McLeod) #364

I just merged in @vinothkannans PR, so this plugin should be working again with the latest Discourse.

@hellekin @Richie @keven Did we come to a consensus on the ordering of latitude and longitude?

Regarding What3Words, I’m open to it, it seems cool, but which group of users are actually going to use it on a regular basis? What’s the “user story” here? I don’t really want to spend time implementing it, if it’s just a novelty feature.