With SSO my user still need to hit the login button

I’ve implemented SSO for my discourse instance but I have one little glitch I’d like to resolve.

If a user is logged on my main site and thet click on a link to my discourse site, they are presented with the Login button. Once the hit the login button, they are then logged in without any further actions (entering password, etc).

Does anyone know how to configure the sites so my user’s will not have to hit the Login button when they go to our discourse site?


We resolved this by using links of this format



Thanks for the tip!

Is where_we_want_to_link_to the url back to your main site?

Got it


Resolved the issue. Thanks!

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we have a similar issue, can you please help with exactly where to set return_path

our sso url is https://bodywizards.gopaywall.com/discoursesso.php


Hey Clayton,

I followed the instructions here: Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)
for setting the return path.


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Create an SSO login link gives instructions for creating a link that will automatically log users into Discourse from the SSO provider site.