Login dialog closes upon mouse button up

There is an annoying behavior with the login modal dialog: it closes whenever you release the mouse button outside of the dialog. I think this issue is rather new.

This is what happens to me all the time:

  1. I click Login
  2. I select the previous user name with the mouse so that I can enter another one (I do this a lot for testing purpose). To do this, I click at the end of the user name, drag the selection to the left and release the mouse button outside of the dialog.

Expecting behavior: the user name ends up selected.
Actual behavior: the dialog closes.


I’ve seen this with the search box too and it is suuuper annoying cc @sam.


I have fixed this by using mousedown instead of click, but I am not 100% sure about this solution.

I cannot remember, is this a new bug or a regression?


This is definitely new, I would have noticed the search drop-down closing on mouse-up before now. It was super irritating.

It’s still happening for me on meta though. Mouseup outside the search dialog is closing it