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Actually, the way Discourse is set up makes it possible for plugins to do all sorts of things. If this is something you want I think that’s the approach you should look into.


Agreed, I’m simply arguing against this logic… all forms of topic visible content is not, is “bait and switch”, that’s nonsense.

I have no problems with developers doing whatever they want, and if they don’t what to support this by default, no problem. I’ll sort myself out.

As a separate question out of curiosity, why is there a “Lounge” area for only trust level 3 set up by default, which no one will ever know about until it magically appears one day? Unless I’m not understanding (which is possible), I’m actually curious as to what that’s about.

Well, you know you can advertise the presence of a thing, without showing the thing, yes? :wink:

So what we’re talking about is “degrees” of “advertising”?

Even if we grant that showing topic titles without the content isn’t something that is desirable (which I don’t), what’s the reasoning for not showing the existence of the category at all?

I’m working with several communities that have lots of content that is of interest to only a subset of the community (e.g., mineral rights in a particular state, a society with many geographic and issue sub-groups). They have a need for there to be a bunch of categories that people can know exist, but not have show up in latest. The solution seems to be to use groups to keep them from showing up, but then it’s difficult for people to know that the stuff is there, and having to join a group to see it is cumbersome.

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Why not use tags in that case? I fail to see why the hard walls of security are needed there.

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I think that the solution to the problem (given that the problem is not getting deluged with topics from categories you’ll never care about and not charging for people to see them) is to mute all of the niche categories for new users.

A site and/or category setting for a default watch level for categories could be very useful. For example, you have an Announcements category that you are pretty sure that everyone in your organization should be watching, and you have six regional offices that are of interest only to people in one regional office. Default settings would set new users to watch/mute those categories.

Another way to solve this problem is to make those categories read-only for non-supporting members. This solves the problem of people (and search engines) needing to be able to see the stuff. People who see that useful conversation is going on there will want to pay to be able to participate.


You’re correct, and I can see that working in some communities. However, I think that it is entirely dependent on the nature of the content. If the content was say, informative in nature… people would obtain the information without ever participating.

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Another problem with this feature not existing, is for communities that share sensitive content. I want people to know that we are talking about the content, but not have it be indexed on Google or seen to the general community. This is especially true in the field I currently am in.

Simply put up a topic banner announcing the presence of said hidden area. Easy.

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So you actually believe that’s easier than throwing out the idea to add more permissions to categories?
(a feature that has been fairly common in forum software as I understand it). You’re not being very logical here.

You’ve been given several examples when asked… instead of trying to offer a workaround, just be honest and say… “it’s my forum software, and I don’t want that feature”, or “you want that feature, go somewhere else”… problem solved.

That would be especially helpful for any future request about this feature since you said:

I think you are missing the point. Discourse is open source. It is entirely possible to write plugins that work with Core code. Plugins are not work-arounds they are work-withs.


Can I place this banner anywhere it looked like a category on the forum or section?

This plugin is broken and not working for Discourse 2.x.x


I just wanted to throw in here that I have a use case for this feature that has nothing to do with advertising and monetizing. I’m interested in this feature for a non-commercial forum for people to discuss sensitive psychological issues.

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There are better solutions for sensitive matters including:

  • Login-only boards
  • protected categories
  • group private messages
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Still not a fan of this but it comes up a lot … community team is working on a lightweight theme type solution right @tshenry @hawk?


That is correct. It goes hand in hand with discourse-subscription as an upsell.


Below is a link to the component I was working on. The OP was more geared toward seeing a full topic list without being able to enter any of the topics. This one focuses on exposing the existence of a category without being able to enter it. It should still be useful from an “advertising” perspective and as Hawk mentioned, could pair nicely with a subscription model.