Login: username field not autofocused nor at the start of the tab order

A forum that I’m on recently upgraded from 2.7.0.beta3 to 2.7.0.beta4, and now the username field is no longer autofocused. And tabbing goes through all the links on the (greyed out) page behind it rather than jumping to it. So it’s very hard to log in with just the keyboard.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open a private/incognito browser window (Ctrl-Shift-N on most browsers, Ctrl-Shift-P on Firefox).
  • Go to a discourse forum site.
  • Hit tab three times, then enter to pop up the login dialog.
  • Try to navigate to the username field without using a mouse or other pointer device. Notice the behavior of hitting tab a bunch of times.

Suggested fix: either go back to autofocusing the username field, or if that’s not an option (searching here suggests that it was maybe causing problems on phones/tablets with the onscreen keyboard covering up the fields?) then at least give the login dialog elements a tabindex of 1 (or put them first in the HTML) so you’re not tabbing through parts of the page that you can’t even really see and definitely don’t care about.


If the fields are out of order we should fix that @awesomerobot

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A report from one of our users:

This is also an issue for me. Using my screen reader of choice (NVDA on Windows), I need to move to the bottom of the page, press enter on the dialogue element and log in that way, whereas before the edit fields would be automatically focused and I could type in my info. I haven’t tried with VoiceOver on Mac or Orca on Linux yet.


Yeah let’s verify field order next week @awesomerobot to make sure our :duck:s are all in row.


I’ve got an update here: