Strange selected space before shield icon

An image tells enough:

It happends on i-devices plus big variety andoids, but situation of desktops I don’t know.

This is not a major nor even minor issue. It is just a bit annoying one :wink:


What are the steps that lead to this screen? Just normal navigation?

Yes, just opening a topic, nothing fancy or strange.

Can you link a topic where it happens? I don’t encounter the issue on my android device.

Actually, I can repro on Chrome, I see the same thing as you, but only when tabbing to a user with a shield icon:

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You are way better with Discouse than I’m ever. Can you find a topic where some has answered? And hopefully is the newest too, because that is the situation normally.

And I (and my users) are using tabbing to clear that. So can it be kind of focus question?


Yes, it’s a focus question. Slightly related to Discourse with a screen reader - #146 by pmusaraj – will keep this minor issue in mind as I work on a fix for that.


I see this occasionally when just switching between multiple forum tabs (not the same forum, but I’m not sure if that matters), I don’t recall this happening before though, so it’s a recent issue.

Did you accidentally highlight the empty space?

Nope, just switched between tabs. Nothing more than that.

It is inconsistent on when it happens, but it does happen.


I’ve been noticing this a lot lately on desktop.

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