Login with facebook button design - non-compliance warning from Facebook


I received an email from facebook saying that the login with facebook button that Discourse uses by default does not comply with their official guidelines. See below the button I am seeing on my discourse website (https://answerhub.lightact-systems.com).


The email from Facebook said the following:
Thank you for your response. We don’t mind the text on the button, but we do mind the “f Logo” which is located on the button. It is not in compliance with our Platform Policies and we would kindly ask you to change it to the logo available at https://en.facebookbrand.com/assets/f-logo/?audience=landing or to use the complete button found at Best Practices - Facebook Login - Documentation - Facebook for Developers.
Also, I am attaching some examples of the acceptable logo in relates to our guidelines, which you can also check here in detail and download a ready to use SDK: https://www.facebookbrand.com/.

Is there a way to change the login with facebook button?

by the way: I am running the latest Discourse v2.3.0.beta9 +32

p.s. I assume I am not the only one receiving this warning, am I?

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It looks identical to the “f” logo specified at the target URL.

There was an issue prior to this with the blue being slightly off and using a plain “f”, but we’ve been in compliance since then, so you may need them to be more specific.