Login with Telegram

Are there any plans for integrating Telegram Login as an OAuth provider? Or someone that could do a plugin? :sweat_smile:

It has been released today, I tested and it’s really practical:


I attach some screenshots of how it works:


To be precise it’s not an implementation of the oauth protocol. Very interesting anyway.

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By the way, I’ve implemented Discourse SSO provider for Telegram Login, basing on the code from my SAML SSO provider:

Also available from DockerHub, docker pull kirushik/discourse_telegram_auth.

Currently it’s completely untested, and lacks any documentation — but bugreports and feature requests are welcome.


Any preview or demo? :sweat_smile:

Well, it’s available on the forum I’ve written it for — but it’s a special-interest group in Russian, so I don’t think sharing it here will be a good idea.

Meanwhile, using Telegram as SSO provider is not what most people want — so I think I’d spend some time turning my code in a proper auth plugin…


It would be great if something like that could be implemented. I.e. login/signup on Discourse site thru telegram.
I’ve found that normal users are not able to login/signup to my forum simply because they never remember their emails ID and PWs. They just get someone to create an email account when they setup their new android phone, and then afterwards they never sign out or sign in to the same.

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Any progress there, just in case?
I was interested in making our site users to be able to create account and login thru telegram. This way they can dispense with email id/pw, and can create account and login with just their mobile number (and telegram app).

I’m also curious on this. Has anyone set it up successfully? I see both forks have not received updates since April of 2018.

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