Logo link behavior suggestion

(Charles Walter) #1

Just using the site on my phone and thought this would be a nice feature…

If I tap on the logo from an inner page after coming from the homepage, it should take me to where I was on the page (note that there is no UI option on iphone to go back once you start scrolling down, though I could swipe back)

I am using the latest page as the homepage to catch up on topics across the community. But if I scroll down 50 or so topics and tap on one, I then have the scroll back down to get back to my spot.

The Latest page should work more like FB or Twitter and allow me to quickly get back to where I left off if I tap on an item, no?

(Charles Walter) #2

In simpler / logic terms, I propose this.

If previous page = homepage, logo link behaves like browser back button

(Jeff Wong) #3

If the team decides to go through with adding this, I’d like to add the suggestion that a logo tap from the home page should take the user to the top - otherwise there is no easy way to get back up top again.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Very, very unlikely to happen – would cause a lot of confusion since the link is no longer consistent.

Use your browser’s back button for this (or just swipe left on mobile to go back, same thing). That is what it is for, after all…

(Charles Walter) #6

Yeah, I can see how this is inconsistent.

If you look at most popular social app interfaces, there’s usually a way to browse items from a feed and then go back to the list in the UI, without starting at the top.

Not saying that users aren’t smart enough to hit back or swipe back, just noting that the prevailing convention seems to be aiding users with this interaction. Logo might not be the right way of solving this, and perhaps this community will keep this in mind for future ideas.