“Back to top” floating upward arrow

The lack of Home on smartphones is usually addressed by many websites by a floating up arrow button/link that, when clicked, puts you back to the top of the current page.

Here we already have such tool inside a topic (the history navigator).
We also have header logo but it will reload the page.

When I am in a search result page, I have no way to quickly get back to top of page without loosing my search query terms.

This is the page I was in when I thought such a button was missing: https://community.metabrainz.org/search?context=topic&context_id=388416&q="all%20links"&skip_context=true

This is an example of floating arrow enabled site: https://www.paris.fr or My Nintendo where the arrow is more beautiful but maybe the site requires an account to be seen.

@tmoko reminded me in PM that iOS machines had this feature built‐in (it must be patented for such a great feature is not in other OS).
When you touch top of the screen, it goes all the way up to the page top.
So if an arrow icon was to be added to discourse, we could not show it on iOS machines, to avoid useless display clutter.


It could be done with the incredible new feature below:

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