Length of category name under the topic title

Is it possible to display the category’s name without cutting it ? Or cutting it at the same length as the topic title ?

quite the same question for the category list :

Is it possible to make the list with the same width as the current selected category ?

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Add the following to your custom CSS:

// Removes maximum width from category badge in breadcrumb and dropdown
.badge-wrapper span.badge-category {
  max-width: none;
.list-controls .category-dropdown-menu .badge-wrapper.bullet .badge-category {
  max-width: none;

thank you a lot ! :clap:

You generally don’t want enormously long category names, though. For the record. That’s why those “gentle” reminders are there :wink:


Although bear in mind that what might be an appropriate restriction in English, might not work so well for other languages.


This CSS does what I need, thanks.
However, some letters are still hidden:

hmm. maybe try adding padding-right:10px;
That might push the scrollbar over