Display full categories full name


Hi all,

Let me start by wishing you guys an happy new year 2018 :smiley::smiley:

One of my users asked me if it’s possible to display the categories/sub-categories full name. Currently it seems names are truncated after the 14 characters.


It makes the UEX slightly confusing.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

There are plans for @joffreyjaffeux to replace this problem element with our newer select-kit, hopefully that will happen early in 2018, beyond that you can override the css in Admin, customize.

(Joe) #3

This might not cover everything but it’s a start.

.category-dropdown-menu is set to minimum-width: 131px by default.

You can override that number to increase the width to accommodate for wider category names…

For example, this:

.category-dropdown-menu {
    min-width: 180px; //Increase the number to the desired width.

Will give you this result:



Thx for your quick answer. I can increase the menu size but the text still get truncated.



Got it working with the following CSS code

.category-dropdown-menu, .badge-category {
       max-width: none !important;