Long polling slowing down link back to Wordpress site

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I have put a link back to my Wordpress site in both a custom header, and a link in the burger menu.

I noticed that it takes a long time to load the Wordpress homepage though. When I Inspect Element > Network, I can see that it’s the long polling slowing things down.

I have the WP Discourse plugin installed, with SSO enabled.

Any ideas on how I can stop this polling when navigating back to my homepage?


Having a open connection (message bus, or anything else) don’t block a browser to go to another site.

Our https://try.discourse.org/ has a header with a link to our Wordpress blog, and it works just fine.

Can you share a link of where I can reproduce your issue?


Sure. It only happens when logged in, but I could create an account for you. Mind sending me a PM so I can get those details to you? (I may have a new user new topic limit).