Looking for developer to work on large Discourse plugin

(Thomas Smyth) #1

I’m a worker-owner at Sassafras Tech Collective, a worker-owned shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in innovative, usable tech for social change.

We are looking for an Ember developer to help us build a fairly substantial discourse plugin. The goal is to provide a knowledge base where diabetes educators can share strategies for helping their patients. The knowledge base exists as a kind of ‘tab’, while Discourse proper is another ‘tab’. There are lots of links between the two tabs. For instance, each knowledge base object has an associated topic, and each associated topic has a link to its knowledge base object.

The client also wants a ‘Groups’ feature that will support groups of users with their own topics.

Ultimately we are envisioning the knowledge base, groups feature, and perhaps other things as generalized plugins that other folks in the OSS community could use.

The project is already underway, the client is happy with it so far, and we would like to take it up a notch. Hence our looking for another developer.

We are looking for someone with sound experience in working with Ember, and preferably Discourse as well.

This would be an hourly subcontract arrangement. Happy to provide details to those who express interest. Hourly rates should be competitive.

We are especially interested in people that are interested in bringing about social change through their work – both through the products of the work (i.e. the awesome tech) and through the development of a supportive and inclusive workplace.

Let’s chat! Ask questions for clarification here, and to discuss terms, email me at tom@sassafrastech.com


(Jeff Atwood) #2