Where can I find a developer to integrate Discourse with my site

We consider Discourse as a forum for our site, while the site has its own authorization, user’s rating and post’s comments. We need software integration between our site and Discourse. An approximate list of tasks: synchronization of user profiles, synchronization of active sessions (SSO), automated creation of threads, getting counters from Discourse to show on the site.

The main site is developed in Java (Spring, Tomcat). I have Java developer. I would like to find a Discourse developer who, understanding the architecture, would help us quickly integrate and customize Discourse. Can I find such developer here?

UPD. Also may be we need help to install Discourse on exists environment (Centos, Java, Tomcat, MySQL).


We at Communiteq can help you with that.
I have experience with Discourse (8.5 years), and long time (+20y) experience with Java, Tomcat and MySQL. I have done dozens of integrations. I’m in CET.

This sounds like an interesting project. PM me if you’re interested!


Thank you Richard. I’ll contact you soon.


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