Looking for email hosting service recommendations

I’m using AWS to host my discourse site on my own domain. Unfortunately, they don’t have a good option for incoming email. So I’m looking for a good service to handle incoming email. Specifically so I can enable the reply to post via email option.

Are there any suggestions for an affordable email hosting company? The Discourse site is for a small HOA with about 700 members. It’s a not big a site and traffic is light, so there’s no need for high volume hosting service.

EDIT: I read the post for setting up gmail, but I don’t want the email address for the site to be @gmail.com, I want it to stay @sunrisepoint.org. I know google has a $5/mo option for email but I’m thinking there might be something even cheaper that’s just as good.

I did some searching and Zoho seems perfect for my needs. It’s free for a single domain with up to 5 email accounts.

For incoming email, you could use this - no external service required! It’s worked flawlessly for me :slight_smile:


This is what I recommend:


Oh. Never mind. :slight_smile:

If you’re on AWS, you’re probably more than capable of following those instructions, but if not: Incoming Mail Server – Literate Computing, LLC