Looking for some clarity on the Android Chrome touch offset issue

Hi we’re getting some more reports of users not being able to select the reply box or being able to write in the reply field because of the cursor moving when trying to write/reply

I think something similar was reported here

and here

All people experiencing the issue are on Chrome 68+ the handsets are as follows: Samsung A3 and Pixel 3.

I have already had all users disable duet are there any other steps that we’re able to look at?

Do you have any specific repro steps? The issue was a Chrome bug in the past.

Nothing too specific as I’ve not been able to repro it myself I’ll go back to the users.

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The latest incarnation of the bug (the Duet one) was fixed in Google Chrome 72, which is the latest one. Make sure they are up to date.


I’ve had users disable duet and still have the issue would upgrading change this?

Well, it’s a Google bug and since Duet is:

  1. A/B tested, so only a portion of users are affected
  2. Can’t affect users using the full screen PWA for Discourse

I really don’t know. They broke this twice in a row so anything is possible.


I can ask everyone to upgrade their browser just in case, Is there a record of this bug that’s available elsewhere? I’m just wondering if there are any other published workarounds.

The two topics you linked in the OP have links to the Google Issue Tracker.


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