Android Chrome touch offset, 2020 edition

Continuing the discussion from Looking for some clarity on the Android Chrome touch offset issue:

Found this old thread an decided to post an update.

  • The Android Chrome touch offset is definitely still there, at least in our production environment (
  • I have searched for a solid repro pattern but this one is one hard nut to crack. It may be related to topic activity (new posts coming while typing a message) and possibly in combination with the users own actions - perhaps (accidently) scrolling the thread at the same time.
    • I have a gut feeling that this happened more likely during our on-season, when hockey games are live and topics are buzzing with chatter. Now during the pandemic (no games here) I have seen it less often.

The error is there, it is real, but a pattern is yet to be found. I see it few times a week on our site where I participate daily. Chrome, Android or Discourse updates have not resolved it. I have invested hours in finding a 90+% repro pattern, but no luck.


It’s been gone for me for a while - this is almost certainly a new incarnation of the problem.


Dammit! I just reproed this here at Meta while working on my previous message, but I am on the road and have nothing to record the evidence with.

I was busy writing a message and jumping in between Chrome tabs, and suddenly the touch was about 1 inch north of the intended location.

This however a very rare issue these days. I think it has been a couple of weeks since a last saw it. I had to close and re-launch Chrome to recover.

Xiaomi Mi A3 running up to date Android One.