Loss of Trust Level

I have a user who was stepped down from level 3 (which permitted Member Lounge access) to level 2, which does not.

She had threads in the lounge area and was pretty bent when she couldn’t access her topics. Her assumption was it was something that was proactively done by admin/mods and she was hurt and felt undervalued.

I myself knew no reason why her level would have lowered, but told her it must have been a behind the scene thing and that I had corrected it.

I now am aware that it is a feature that monitors activity and based on algorithm makes changes to member levels.

I don’t find this feature useful. Is there a way to disable it?

The site setting called tl3 promotion min duration should do it. It defaults to 14 (days), but you can set it to a higher value like 9999 (27 years), so someone wouldn’t ever be demoted.


Also, take a look at the admin user page, which has a summary of the tl3 promotion criteria, to see what caused the removal.

The posts should still be accessible through the “Download my posts” button on the user page.


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