Lost Post Formatting Options?

Did the latest update remove some of the formatting options?

For instance… I use the big “page break” (solid, long bar) often in my posts… but i can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore?

Yes, it was @codinghorror‘s call that these could be removed.

You can still create horizontal rules by typing a few - in a separate line :slight_smile:


dang… i really did like those extra options…

what about an implementation a’la wordpress?

they have this nice “toggle toolbar” for more options… that expands to:


We’re more of a “less-is-better” rather than “more-is-better” company/product :wink:

But feel free to add these “options” in a plugin.


I would actually prefer a theme component here, @vinothkannans can you create a theme component for adding back header options and post it in #plugin:theme ?


While removing it from core we also removed the label values from locales (like hr_title: "Horizontal Rule"). I guess we can’t add locale values back using theme component. So it is better to use plugin?

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I still prefer a theme component, we can deal with localization in the component itself.

Just do it in English for now. If we use a plugin our hosted customers can not use it.


No, we need to revisit this. Not a fan of the current approach.


How about keeping the buttons but display:none them in the default theme?

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We will revisit button customizability later, it is already doable in a theme component or a plugin if you must but think it is better just to live with the change for a bit.

The GIANT issue with the header button is that it is of zero use once you learned how to do headers. Typing # test is way easier than reaching to the mouse and clicking header. The only real purpose the button served in the past was discoverability.

Anyway we can talk about this again in a month or two after some real world use cases ideally of paying customers come our way that really demonstrate how this is needed on a regular basis.


We are also planning to add a help button which I personally think covers this and more. We need the flexboxing of the composer to get complete via @zogstrip (lots of regressions, it’s a hard area to change) then we have a minor reskin coming for the composer via @awesomerobot which may include a help button, etc.

So none of this is really necessary at the current time, things have to happen in order.