Lowering the amount of emails sent per day


We’re running into a problem with too many emails being sent per day. We have about 90-100 daily active users, but around 1k emails are being sent per day. I’m assuming it’s coming from daily digest? Is there a way to globally change that to weekly? Also, any other tips on how to lower the amount of emails being sent daily?


Looking at admin > email > sent might give you a quick idea of where most emails are coming from…

In terms settings to potentially reduce emails:

  • If you go to admin > settings you can search for default email digest frequency and change that value.

  • You can also try lowering max emails per day per user

  • It might be worth checking if any of the mailing list mode settings are enabled? Those would generate a lot of emails. You can also prevent users from turning on mailing list mode in their preferences with the disable mailing list mode setting.