Reduce the number of emails sent by Discourse

We’re trying to fit into a lower cap for the number of daily and monthly outgoing emails.

Is it possible to disable sending certain email_types, and which ones would be good candidates?

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In my opinion the low hanging fruit is cutting suppress digest email after days. Default is one year, and cutting it to, say, six months can help if the community type is one where total members is more than 10x active members (30 days).


I had that already reduced to 1. Any other ideas?

The #1 email_type I see in the logs is mailing_list.

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If that is 1 and default is weekly digest, you never send digests :upside_down_face:. That would be a good information to provide in the OP when requesting help to lower email sent.

If you can afford it, disable mailing list in your instance. Use disable mailing list mode.

Users using this mode can easily be a sizable pie of all emails sent.


Also very keen to know this. We have a user that has activated notifications for when others users post and it sends hundreds of emails a day.

I would like to disable the user_posted email type

There is still a cap on the number of emails discourse will send per day per user right @sam? Is this a site setting? People could set it to a lower level if they are worried.

Yes, the site setting: max emails per day per user out of the box is set to 100. Users can certainly lower it to reduce it, maybe reduce it to 10 @dandv