MacOs users on old version can´t read posts

Our MacOs users with older system can se all categories and a post list,

But when they click on the posts it´s empty… no reply buttons etc…

Only topic title and categories are shown…

Also no device info for this user from sysadmin pages…

Is there a user firewall or similar error ( must allow cockies etc) , perhaps a system requirement error specific for posts, or is it something we have forgotten in our setup?

We have 2 users with the same issue.

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Hello please try this on your site in Safe-mode

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Thank you, unfortunately it didn´t work, no change at all.
Any other suggestions?

Can you please confirm what you mean by “with an older system”?

The latest versions of safari are supported. Depending on how far back we’re talking, they may not be.


Well, this user is 75+ so it´s really hard to give them support from distance, also I know zero about MacOs.
First time I asked he was using MacOS 10.8.5 with Google Chrome 49.
I´ve asked him to update his system, but for some reason he´s very reluctant to do so, also he states that his computer is working absolutely fine everywhere else so there´s nothing wrong with his computer, only our new system. Having a bit hard to argue with him, and also his computer is way newer than mine but then I run windows 10 so can´t really know how to solve this issue…

I´ve tried to tell him that this is a very sophisticated system, but he thinks it´s a stupid one that doesn’t work. Any help here or explanation exactly why it doesn´t work would be appreciated. Seems strange though that he can see everything except the posts.

I´m only a support personnel so don´t have access to server settings etc… or system knowledge.

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Chrome is on version 80-ish as I recall so that is quite old. Why can’t he update Chrome?


MacOs 10.8.5 only supports Chrome 49… then you need a system version update… and he simply refuses it! Even though it´s free… Stubborn old…


Sorry to hear about that. At this moment in time the issue lies in a stubborn user. You will have to be straight to the point with the user… Maybe ask him to throw away the MacOS.


Wilco! I´ve tried for months now… without any success, but for some reason he can see more and more of our site! Thanks anyway!


He is likely vulnerable to hackers and exploits by choosing to remain on a very old version of OS X. That is not wise.


MacOS 10.8.5 has 337 known vulnerabilities and was released five years ago, three years after the original launch of Mountain Lion.

Apple themselves haven’t supported it since 2016. As far as I know the latest version of Safari supported is v6.2.8, for reference the current version of safari is v13.1.

It’s really not reasonable to expect seven year old software, running on hardware which could potentially be much older, to run cutting edge software.

I’m skeptical that you will find a different browser that will work either, even Firefox abandoned Mountain Lion as of v49.

If your user refuses to upgrade, the internet is going to feel smaller every day. More and more websites are utilizing modern frameworks and browser features. It’s only going to keep heading in that direction.


(Side note: love this language and I’m borrowing it for some of my site members who are nervous to upgrade. Thanks!)


This is likely very untrue.

This is very true. Mac OS upgrades, especially with very old hardware, can be very scary. I’m afraid that his reluctance is not irrational. Like that old car where you’re afraid that if you change the oil something will break.

A solution that I’ve seen on other communities is that they bought the user a new computer!


I´ve actually thought of that, just waiting for my lotto ticket to kick in! :wink:

Seems to be some technical misunderstandings, apparently he contacted apple support and they told him that the system can´t be updated more. True, but what he really wants is to upgrade to Mojave so a constant lack of support for all non-technical users.

Many thanks for your assistance… can´t do much more as it is!

I think we close this issue for now!


Heh. A software company I worked for did something similar in the late ’80s… all their registered users (for some flagship Apple ][ software package whose name I’ve forgotten) had 64k of RAM, except for 8 of them. (This was back in the day of software being registered by sending in a paper postcard that came in the box with the floppy disk. And they recorded and tracked all their customers religiously.)

The company really wanted to upgrade the software to 64k but felt obligated to those 8 people for it to keep working for all registered users… so my boss, an amazing guy named Roger Wagner, just bought a bunch of new memory cards (at around ~$75 each, more than the software cost!) and had them sent out. :wink:


Whoa! I love that story. I have actually mailed one of those “scooter computer” mini-pcs to a guy in Brazil who complained that he couldn’t use Discourse because he was on some super super ancient machine … this was a year or two ago :rofl:


Discourse customer for life right there, I’m sure! :+1:

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