Mailing list mode digest includes whispers

I just discovered today while perusing mandrill that this is NOT happening for mailing list mode digests. It still includes whispers on my site. Luckily we’re fairly civilized in our whispering and only a few people have mailing list mode turned on but this is still not great. Can you try to get it fixed ASAP?

I am on latest.


I don’t think I changed anything for mailing list mode. This is a new problem? Is it this user pref that you mean?

I’m looking into it.

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yep! this is the pref I mean. embarassingly, I don’t really know if it’s a new problem or not because I don’t use mailing list mode digests and generally don’t see what regular members see in their digests. It could be it’s been happening all along, since whispers were introduced.

I’d love to also see an option in the admin email preview to see not just summary emails but also the mailing list mode digests. E.g. if I filter by a user who has mailing list mode digests selected I should see what they see, not what they would see if they had email summaries turned on.

Also a separate issue from summary emails, I suppose. Sorry for mixing these up. I can start new topics if you prefer.


Ok I suspect this has always been happening. I’ve also never seen a “mailing list mode digest”, so this should be interesting…

EDIT: Yeah whispers are definitely being included in those emails for everyone.


I committed a fix for this. Looks like it has been this way since whispers were introduced.