Mailing List Mode - Not sending to more than just a couple of users


I’ve noticed that if you set both:

  • Email Digests
  • Mailing List Mode

to TRUE for every user via the rails console, if you look at the email log in Admin you see a mix of mailing_list and digest emails. Some users get a new email per post, whilst others seem to receive a complete digest.

Is this expected?

I’m wondering if this is somehow related to when a user last visited the site?


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Don’t do that. It triggers undefined behavior.


Yep, as I’ve discovered … it seems to have broken something …

Now despite setting email_digests to FALSE for all users and mailing_list_mode to TRUE (confirmed in Data Explorer), its failing to send mailing list emails for most users … how to recover? Is something set deeper in the database/triggered when user changes these settings themselves?

Digest won’t be sent if someone was recently emailed. So it depends if they got a mailing list mode email recently.


Thanks, fair enough … but doesn’t seem to be sending mailing_list emails now for most users … despite a new post

Oh Oh! I think i’ve worked it out, it’s because mailing_list_frequency is set to ZERO for all failing users!

EDIT! Bingo! Set that to ‘1’ for all users and that fixed it!