Mailing list mode keeps reverting to daily updates

Reproduced on our own site and here on meta:

  1. Go to
  2. Tick the box to “Enable mailing list mode.”
  3. Click Yes to “Are you sure you want to be emailed for every new post?”
  4. Choose “Send me an email for every new post” in the associated dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save Changes. Reload the page.


  • The “Send me an email for every new post” selection persists.


  • The dropdown reverts to “Daily Updates”.

I can confirm this is happening.

I just got a report about this in my community as well. People who thought they were being emailed immediately of all new posts with mailing list mode are now set up to get daily updates.

Here’s what my CEO’s preferences look like right now - he wants to get EVERYTHING in his email IMMEDIATELY as it is happening, but now he is apparently getting daily updates. Did something change recently in the default settings and in the settings of existing users? If so, I need to get on this ASAP.

Note also that “Activity summary” is greyed out and you can’t edit it as long as mailing list mode is selected. But I can deselect mailing list mode, change activity summary settings, and select mailing list mode again. This is a bit weird and seems buggy. Are these mutually exclusive?

Oh - and “Activity Summary” seems to be a duplicate of the first “Email” line - see screenshot.

Happening to me too on

Sorry about that. I will have a look tomorrow unless @gdpelican beats me to it :wink:

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We’ve got at least one other user report of this from the Chef site, so sooner rather than later would be good.

Ok then, I’ll have a look in a little bit.

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I’m happy to grab this first thing tomorrow if @zogstrip can’t nab it today. Thanks for the :bug: report.


Just pushed a fix :mailbox_with_mail:


@erlend_sh let me know about the duplicate activity summary options earlier today, I’ll grab that stuff tomorrow.


awesome - I can confirm this fix works.

(now if only I can find some info on what mailing list mode actually does…)

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Mailing list mode is the firehose; you get notified by email of everything, either in a daily digest, or with an email for each post as it happens.

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thanks for that - does it mean the other email related settings all are overriden? e.g. email digests, watching/normal/mute etc?

thinking a separate howto topic explaining all these settings and their implications would be handy here if you/someone knowledgeable would be willing to write it.

IIRC, the intended behaviour is

  • No more digest; no need for it since this is strictly more info sooner than you’d get in the digest.
  • Everything from topics you are able to see except for topics and categories you’ve muted.

There’s some help text under the setting to that effect, but maybe it could be clearer?