Question about brand new member posts being included in emails

(Leah Kramer) #1

Hello all. Let’s say we have this unchecked: “Include posts from new users in summary emails by default.” (meaning, we don’t want potentially untrustworthy new members posts being included in emails we sent out). It sounds like it’s talking about those Summary emails. Does this also hold true for the Mailing List Mode emails? I.e. the “daily” emails or “every post” emails you get if you check off Mailing List Mode.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Although I haven’t tested it recently, my understanding is that mailing list mode is entirely unaffected by this setting – its only goal is to prevent showcasing possibly bad new user posts in the summary mail.

(Leah Kramer) #3

Thanks for the reply, @fefrei. I just did a test where I signed up as a brand new member and started a new topic. 10 minutes have passed and my topic has not gone out as a mailing list mode email for “every post.” I should know tomorrow whether it gets included in the “daily” mailing list mode email.

I’ll update this thread with more results of this test.

(Leah Kramer) #4

OK, an update – The post did go out as an “every post” mailing list mode email 30 minutes later. Not sure if Discourse was in charge of the 30 minute delay or if it’s something to do with the email service at

(Felix Freiberger) #5

You can check the admin panel to see when the mail was sent :slight_smile:

(Leah Kramer) #6

OK, here’s an update. My test topic as a brand new user was not included in the mailing list mode daily emails.

So my test shows the following for mailing list mode emails:

  • “every post” emails - do include emails from brand new users
  • “daily” emails - do not include emails from brand new users

Hope this is helpful to anyone else wondering about this!

(Jeff Atwood) #7

I don’t think this is true; @neil can confirm.

(Neil Lalonde) #8

For the mailing list mode summary emails, the same logic as the regular summary emails is used for new users. User preferences let you choose whether TL0 user topics can show or not. Maybe that’s a regression from all the changes I made to regular summary emails.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

That does seem a bit regression-y as mailing list means everything.